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What do I need to bring?


We do ask that you bring enough dry food to cover the duration of your pets stay, we don't want to upset any tummys!


If your bunny is litter trained, bring their litter tray, it will smell of home and help them settle in quicker. If this isn't possible than I am able to supply one.


You are welcome to bring any favourite toys, comfy blanket or bed that you think will also help to settle your bunny.

(these will NOT be shared!)


We do provide toys and tunnels to keep them busy and stimulated, but nothing beats something that smells of home!


The toys we provide for your bunny will not be used by other bunnies staying with us, unless they have been cleaned and disinfected first to prevent the spread of any germs - I am very strict on this.



Last of all don't forget to bring bunny's Vaccination certificate, we can't accept them without it!


If there is something that isn't covered on our questionnaire then please tell us!


We want your pet to enjoy they're stay here at Derrick's Den, and will do our very best to make them feel at home during their holiday with us.



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