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Pet Plan Sanctuary Small Business Insurance.  

Veterinary Fees Cover 

Pays towards veterinary costs for conditions arising while an animal is in my care and/or an illness arising within 72 hours of the animal’s departure up to the maximum benefit shown on my Schedule of Insurance. This means that I am covered for emergency vet treatment for any animal in my care up to £350 with NO excess. When your pet comes to stay with us I will ask to sign a form giving me permission to seek veterinary treatment if I deem it necessary. I will always try to contact you before doing so, UNLESS it is of the utmost urgency and I think the animal may be at risk if don't take immediate action. 


Limits of the policy.

The policy does not cover the treatment of conditions that were present before your pet boards with us. For example Pet Plan will not pay out on a rabbit with ongoing dental problems that then goes on to suffer G.I. Statis, because of their dental problem whilst in my care. Basically this means that if your pet has been treated for a specific condition by your own vet in the past, Pet Plan will not cover the vet fees as this would be classed as a pre-existing condition.


Making a claim.

If your pet does need treatment during his/her stay at Derrick's Den, I will not put in a claim until after they have gone home, this is just in case there are any follow up appointments needed whilst they are still with me. However, this potentially leaves me vulnerable, the insurance company may not pay out for some reason (this has only happened once so far), leaving me out of pocket. To cover myself, if your pet has generated a vet's bill during their stay, I will ask you if you would be kind enough to leave a cheque with me to cover the full amount of the treatment. This will be safety filed and stored and NOT banked. When Pet Plan pay out I will return the unbanked cheque to you. If such a thing as the company will not pay out I will send you a copy of the letter from Pet Plan and then bank the cheque. So far this has worked well both for my customers and for myself.


Why I have taken out Pet Plan Sanctuary for Small Business

Not only does this policy give us peace of mind that we are covered for unexpected veterinary bills, it also covers us for Public Liability. I thought long and hard before taking out the insurance, as it is more expensive than just being covered for Public Liability. I have decided however that it is worth it's weight in gold, and is a much for my guest's and their owners benefit as it is for mine! I certainly would not want to be without it!



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