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Our spacious hutches are 6ft wide and 2ft by 2ft, and are situated in a quiet, shady spot in our garden. They are handmade to the highest standards by my husband, Andy. The floor of the hutches is galvanised steel as we felt this would be easier to keep clean and dry, much more hygienic than a wood base that absorbs moisture and can take ages to dry in the winter.


 Feeding and water bowls are cleaned and disinfected daily, and any uneaten meadow hay is removed and replaced with fresh hay each evening.

Each hutch is cleaned and bleached, swilled thoroughly and then steam cleaned, after each guest.

 When in use the hutches are spot cleaned daily, cleaned completely and disinfected at the very least weekly, sometimes 2 or 3 times in hot weather.


Finally we've been able to build the new accommodation that we've been

planning for the last two years and it's been well worth the wait! Built by my husband and painted between the two of us. It's completely secure and situated under two very tall trees that provided shelter and shade all year round.

Each enclosure measures 3ft wide by 9ft long (inclusive of sleeping area) The sides are lined with tongue and groove plastic for ease of disinfection in between guests and, so although the rabbits are able to smell each other, they can't see each other.

The whole setup is beneficial to both myself and the bunnies. I no longer have to handle them to move them from their hutch to a run and back again. I can clean and disinfect the runs at any point during the day by shutting the bunnies inside for 10/15 mins, disinfect, rinse and dry within a few minutes in the summer.

Previously the bunnies were back in their hutch at 9pm and then I would spend a couple of hours cleaning and disinfecting everywhere ready for the next day!

My rabbit area is paved for reasons of hygiene. As much as I would love to have a grassy area for them to graze and play on it really isn't practical or hygienic for them.

Encephalitozoon Cuniculi (EC for short) is spread through spores in a rabbits urine and is passed on via an ingestible medium...grass... and so for this reason my rabbit area is paved, thus decreasing the risk of anything being passed on.

My own rabbits are all fully up to date with their vaccinations.

(documents available on request)


Fresh vegetables of your choice will be given daily, usually in the evening, but this will depend on the routine your bunny is used to at home, we will feed your pet/s according to your instructions

which will be covered in our questionnaire and booking form which can be found under 'contact'







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